Vrindavan Bamboo Interdental Brushes - Size 1  0.40mm  (pack 10)

Vrindavan Bamboo Interdental Brushes - Size 1 0.40mm (pack 10)

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Vrindavan Bamboo Interdental Brushes in Size 1 – your eco-friendly solution for effective plaque removal.

Our bamboo interdental brushes are designed with the environment in mind, making them the ideal choice for those who prioritize both oral health and sustainability. Crafted with care, they offer exceptional plaque removal, complementing your daily brushing routine.

For optimal oral hygiene, we recommend incorporating interdental cleaning into your daily regimen. Use these brushes to clean between your teeth at least once a day, in addition to your regular brushing routine.

Each pack includes 10 pieces of Size 1 interdental brushes, featuring ultra-fine bristles with a diameter of 0.40mm. This ensures thorough cleaning in even the tightest spaces between your teeth.

10 Pieces

Size 1 - 0.40mm