Power Super Foods Cacao Organic Butter 1kg

Power Super Foods Cacao Organic Butter 1kg

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Cacao Power organic cocoa butter chunk is edible and incredible. It is delicious to eat and fantastic to cook with. Called the ultimate moisturiser, it has been used to keep the skin moist and supple for centuries.

Cocoa butter is known as theobroma oil. It is the pale-yellow, edible natural vegetable fat of the cacao bean. Cocoa butter is extracted from the cacao beans and can be used to make chocolate, cocoa powder, pharmaceuticals, ointments, and toiletries. Cocoa butter has a mild chocolate flavor and aroma. White chocolate is made from cacao butter. Raw cacao butter is made using cold-pressed method, which reserves the natural nutrients to the largest extent.

Cacao Power cocoa butter is very stable, containing natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity and give it a storage life of two to five years, making it a good choice for non-food products. The smooth texture, sweet fragrance and emollient property of cocoa butter make it a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products, such as soaps and lotions.

Cocoa butter is edible and has nice chocolate aroma. You can add a piece of cocoa butter to smoothie, dessert, ice cream or chocolate creation. Cocoa butter melts easily and mixed into any type of recipe.

Cocoa butter is also known as an excellant moisturizer, and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries. It melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin. Cocoa butter is often recommended for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. When applied topically, it creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and also helps retain moisture. In addition, cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP), a substance that inhibits the production of the immuno globulin IgE. IgE is known to aggravate symptoms of both dermatitis and asthma.

Cocoa Butter is also a good source of Vitamin E (Beta- and gamma tocopherols) and has a unique composition including essential fatty acids Omega-6 and monounsaturated Omega 9 (oleic acid), as well as stearic acid.

Serving suggestion: warm gently until soft (35c or 95F), then add as desired to raw food recipes, chocolate creations, smoothies or desserts - or smear on skin and lips for the ultimate moisturiser. Ideal for making organic soaps, lipsticks and balms (great for nappy rash).

Store in a cool, dry place. Cocoa Butter has a high level of stability and a long shelf-life.

Key Benefits:

  • Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Fair Trade