Healing Balm 50g

Healing Balm 50g

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Handmade Healing balm containing the amazing healing herbs Comfrey, Plantain & Calendula.


  • Its nick name is KNIT BONE
  • Damaged or broken bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles – respond quickly to the application of comfrey. As soon as it is applied, cell regeneration begins at a rapid rate.
  • New research results suggest that comfrey can help treat osteoarthritis, upper and lower back pain.
  • Is an excellent poultice.
  • CAUTION: Comfrey cannot be used if prosthesis is in the body. For example – a pin and plate, screws, hip ball and joint. Comfrey is such an effective healer it will try to expel anything that is not natural to the human frame. 


  • Flea, horsefly or mosquito bites
  • Stinging nettle stings
  • Spider bites
  • Dry, chapped skin
  • Grazes, scratches and small cuts
  • Rough or cracked skin
  • Rashes and inflamed skin
  • Softens and heals scabs
  • On pets, if they have scabs, small sores or irritated skin


It's one of our most popular ingredients for good reason. Many call it a miracle balm for dry and eczema-prone skin. It's become well known as an incredible soother for skin affected by a host of conditions including contact dermatitis, exfoliative cheilitis, lichen schlerosus, hives and psoriasis.