BOOK:  Detox After Covid and Thrive

BOOK: Detox After Covid and Thrive

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In the post-covid era, if you’re suffering, or believe you might be suffering from covid or the injections, you’re not alone. There are many hundreds of thousands of people around the world in this situation.

This book isn’t about politics, human rights or betrayal. These conversations are vital, but need not concern you at this stage. It’s about how you can maintain and regain your health after covid and its treatments.

Even now in 2024, it’s still early days in a brand new and very complex situation, but help is available.

 This book will:

  • give you some simple things you can do yourself to detox and build up your health.
  • show you when you need a practitioner, show you how to find a good one.
  • list supplements, treatment protocols and tests you might ask your practitioner about.
  • point you in the direction of independent medical studies at the leading edge of covid treatment research in Australia and around the world.
  • show your practitioners some solutions they may not have considered.
  • give you ten successful case histories of recovery after covid shots.
  • give you real hope for the future.

 I am joined on this mission by a great friend and naturopath, Lee Clarke. I’m so grateful for her help and oversight with this so together we can give you some clear, simple, safe advice, guidance and encouragement.

If you have lingering effects from covid infection; if you feel that your health has  worsened since getting covid injections, or if you just feel the need to detox from the crazy polluted world we live in, you’re in the right place. This book is for you. 

Whatever your circumstances, we hope you will find it useful to educate yourself and take full responsibility for your own health into the future.

Love and light,
Courage and strength
Wendy Daniel
May 2024


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